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Things to do in Paris On

Things to do in Paris On

With the summer months quickly approaching, friends and families are looking for places to visit. Searching for places myself, I have found that the province of Ontario has many hidden gems. Focusing on Brant County, wanting to give myself a road trip, I began looking for places to visit in the both the small town of Paris and the larger city of Brantford.

There are many places to visit in across the two towns. Not only can you indulge in the historic landmarks and the beautiful scenery, you can build memories that you’ll be elated to re-visit time and time again. Brant County is known for its welcoming atmosphere for visitors, and Paris and Brantford are two of the top choices that travellers say they love visiting.

In Brantford, you can enjoy the history of the Glenhyrst Gardens. Located on Ava Rd., visitors are welcome to enjoy monthly art exhibits, with a large portion of art that is displayed being owned by Edmund Cockshutt, the last resident of the home before it was given to the City of Brantford in 1956, following Cockshutt’s death. High tea can also be enjoyed by visitors as they look out on the beautiful gardens that grow throughout the 16 acres of land.

When it comes to scenery, families can enjoy beautiful walks throughout the Apps Mill Conservatory. The trails that run through the land are riddled with great spots for family photos or a private picnic. It is also a great place for friends to walk through, the peaceful atmosphere of the nature surrounding you will be the perfect place for heart-to-hearts or just a day together outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.

A hidden gem in the city of Brantford is the Canadian Military Heritage Museum. One of the largests in Southern Ontario, this museum is very roomy and has guided tours displaying artifacts that relate to Canada’s history in the military. You can view items that relate to many conflicts that Canada has faced throughout the years, including the two world wars and the part that women and indigenous people have played in the military over time.

Known as the Telephone City, Brantford is home to the Bell Homestead, The Homestead is the site in which Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Visitors can embark on tours throughout the home, and even use the first telephone ever invented. The site has been kept up and owned by the city to allow visitors to walk through what gave the city its nickname.

With one of the largest reservations just outside the city limits of Brantford, the Woodland Cultural Centre and Museum is a great place to view the history of the indigenous people in Brant County. Visitors can walk through one of the last standing buildings that were once residential schools.

For entertainment, there are places throughout the city that visitors can enjoy live entertainment, either indoors or outside. At the Sanderson Centre, visitors can check out who will be headlining the stage in the historical building that has been the city’s top spot for entertainment since it opened its doors in 1919.

If you’re looking for outdoor entertainment, Harmony Square, located just across the street from the Sanderson Centre, has free live entertainment for all ages throughout the summer months. From music to comedy, to talents shows and movies; there is never a time during the months of July and August where something is not going on at Harmony Square.

Paris, known as “prettiest little town in Canada,” has a great history that visitors can sink themselves into. In fact, the Grand River Dinner Cruise can let visitors to the area enjoy a delicious dinner while floating along the Grand River, taking you from Brantford to Paris.

While in Paris, visitors can enjoy take a stroll down Main Street and great local shops and boutiques that add to the small town’s charm. As the “Cobblestone Capital of Canada,” Paris has the most number of buildings originally made of cobblestone still standing, which anyone can walk near and take in the historic views.

In the summer months, Paris locals like to check out the patio at the Stillwaters restaurant. One local, Michelle, calls the Stillwater “the best patio in the area with great grub.” On your way outside of town, visitors who want to have a relaxing dinner in a vintage upscale restaurant can try out the Olde School House. The Queen herself dined there during her last visit to the area. If it’s somewhere that Her Majesty needed to stop at, there has to be something remarkable about it.

These are just a few of the many places that you can check out while visiting Brantford or Paris. I don’t know about you, but this list makes it top my list of areas I’ll want to visit this summer.


Gagan Gill

Gagan Gill is a Brantford Realtor, a Real Estate Investor, and an Entrepreneur. At the age of 18, just as he was entering Conestoga College, Gagan opened his first business, a retail store called The Link. After graduating, Gagan started investing in real estate. Within 4 years, he had invested in 11 properties. This is when Gagan saw an opportunity to become a realtor himself. Gagan started his real estate career with Re/Max before joining Total Care Realty team.

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