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It makes sense that finding the best neighbourhood to suit you and your family is one of your top priorities when shopping for a new home.

The West Brant neighbourhood of Brantford is great for all kinds of households, but families are the largest group. Families with children in the area tend to have 1 child at home, with a large percentage of young children.

Home ownership in West Brant is high, with a split of 63% owners to 37% renters among those living in the area. Activities common to the area include reading, gardening, swimming.

Accounting for all of Brantford on the west side of the Grand River, West Brant is better viewed as a tale of two neighbourhoods.

There’s historic West Brant, which is the established streets closer to the river banks. This area is much more established, as it was arguably the birthplace of Brantford. Brant’s Ford, where Capt. Joseph Brant crossed the Grand River to find a new settlement in the late 1770s, is located in old West Brant just south of where the Lorne Bridge is now.

And then there is new West Brant, which is the are west of Veterans Memorial Parkway/Colborne Street that stretches either side of Shellard Lane. This newer area started booming in the 1990s and hasn’t really stopped.

West Brant is easily the largest distinguishable neighbourhood in the city, accounting for more than 10 per cent of Brantford’s residents. The area west of the Grand River has the youngest median age in Brantford, which lines up with what you’d expect when driving around streets peppered with basketball and hockey nets in every other driveway.

And West Brant isn’t finished growing – not by a long shot.