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So you’ve been thinking of moving away from Toronto to SW Ontario…you have a budget of about $450k for a house…and are looking for a nice, quiet place close to water and stuff to do…youv’ve come across places like Cambridge and Brantford…and though decent places to visit, you are still looking for that jewel in South Western Ontario to call home. Then let me introduce you to Paris, On population 9,200.

Paris is named the prettiest little town in Ontario for that exact reason. It is close to 2 major rivers, parks, trails, quiet, quaint, close enough to major cities, and Brantford for their indoor running track in the winters…it’s seriously becoming our target area…

So are there any reasons NOT to consider Paris?

In addition to the small businesses on the main street you still have the creature comforts of the usual big box stores as well near by.

If this sounds at all intriguing, feel free to ask any questions you may have. As I said, I love this little town and would be more than happy to help others find their way here.